5 small, but luxurious cities in Europe

Europe might seem as a very big place, but because of its great train- and roadnetworks, a lot of beautiful places are relatively easy to get to. In your city trip, you decide where you want to go. Of course, it’s smart to plan well where you’re going, so you spend the least time possible travelling. This way, you get to enjoy the most out of the places you visit. If you’re not a fan of big cities, but you rather spend your time in one of Europe’s lesser known cities, this blog is perfect for you. Here, we’ll highlight 5 cities that you won’t find many people visiting.

1. Baden Baden – Germany

Baden Baden is a city located in the southern of Germany, close to the French border. It’s a small city, and only has 55.000 inhabitants. The city has a great architecture, and is home to a couple of beautiful buildings. Its city centre is cozy, and has a couple of great opportunities to have dinner. Baden Baden is also home to one of Europe’s best casinos, so you can enjoy yourself for a fun night of baccarat as well.

2. Hallstatt – Austria

If 55.000 inhabitants is still too big for you, but you do like cozy, old towns, Hallstatt is a perfect visit for you. This tiny town in Austria only has 900 inhabitants, and is mainly known for its beautiful lake that its located next to. To showcase how beautiful Hallstatt is, a fun fact about it is that it’s actually the city that inspired the creators of the Disney movie Frozen. One thing about Hallstatt we have to point out is that it is quite touristic: we recommend going early in the morning, so you can see the city come to life.

3. Thorn – The Netherlands

Thorn is another small city, which only has 2400 inhabitants. In the Netherlands, Thorn is known as “The White Town”, which will be obvious soon after you’ve entered it. It’s entire city town exists of white architecture, making it a very surreal face walking through it. Thorn is located close to Belgian border, as well as the German border, making it easy to visit if you visit both of these countries as well.

4. Doel – Belgium

If people completely aren’t your thing, Doel in Belgium is the perfect city for you. This city is known as the “Ghost-city”, because a big part of this city is completely empty. Doel is home to many empty houses, that have been graffiti painted since everyone left. We suggest visiting this place at daytime, since this could be a scary activity in the night.

5. Perast – Montenegro

A country that completely hasn’t reached its full potential yet when it comes to tourism, is Montenegro. This tiny country knows many beautiful places, for example Perast. Its city centre is comparable to Venice, but its highlight isn’t located here. Perast is a coastal city, located next to the Bay of Kotor. In this sea, a tiny island has been built, called Gospa od Škrpjela. This island is home to a big church, and only that. Definitely something you won’t see everyday!

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