5 Reasons Enamelware is Hot This Summer for Kitchenware

When you think of summer, you may reflect on nostalgic images of camping trips, cottage weekends on the lake, or cook-outs and barbeques with friends and family. Gathering with friends and family outdoors and enjoying delicious food is one of the best parts of the summer!

When we can dine outside or next to a river in the woods during the warm weather, hosting becomes a lot easier. No one wants to spend time indoors in a hot kitchen managing countless pots and pans – we all want simplicity so we can spend our time enjoying the meal and catching up with friends. Enamelware makes this possible and is the hottest must-have kitchenware item this summer.

Enamelware is used to describe items that feature a porcelain enamel coating over another material such as aluminum or steel. Porcelain enamel is powdered glass that is then bonded onto the steel frame. The production of enamelware has existed for over a century and is increasingly used to make kitchenware.

If you are looking to make memories centered around beautiful table settings and delicious food, check out our five reasons enamelware is hot this summer for kitchenware.

1. Lightweight and Portable

Whether you are heading to the neighborhood potluck, going up to the lake house, or on a camping trip – you don’t want to lug around multiple containers, heavy pans, and bulky casserole dishes. Enamelware is a must-have for the summer because it is incredibly lightweight and easy to pack to take on the go.

Glamping is made possible by enamelware. You can have the nicest campsite and most luxurious tent, but if you are eating a can of beans and a hotdog, it is far from glamorous. Glamping also involves gourmet-inspired meals outdoors. This often means you will need to pack more kitchenware to prepare these meals. With the MacKenzie-Childs Enamelware Small and Large Colander and Everything Bowl Set, you can make delicious summer salads anywhere you go. This set offers a great deal of function and style and is lightweight and portable.

2. Durable

When spending time outdoors, classic glassware becomes a risk. Walking barefoot through the grass quickly loses its appeal when someone steps on broken glass. For this reason, many people trade in their traditional glassware for enamelware.  Enamelware is glass-coated steel and highly durable. It won’t break in the pool or grass. Most people keep their enamelware for years and many pieces become collector items.,

Kitchenware used for baking is often passed down for generations, especially those made of enamelware. If you have a baker in your household, you know that items like rolling pins and measuring cups go through a lot of wear and tear. Enamelware makes these items durable. A MacKenzie-Childs hand-decorated enamelware measure cup will last you years! It is incredibly durable and will allow you to bake sweet treats and desserts again and again.

3. Great Sound

This likely comes from nostalgic memories of baking and cooking with enamelware as a child, but there is a distinct sound that enamelware makes when they clang together, and it is fantastic. If you knock two pieces of enamelware together, you will quickly recognize the sound, which will bring you back to childhood summer memories.

Although they are durable, I do not recommend banging your enamelware together repeatedly for the sound. But when it does happen, it’s music to my ears!

4. Stackable

Many pieces of enamelware are designed to be stacked. Again, this is great for portability.

Dish sets and kitchenware equipment can be stacked without the risk of breaking. They take up a minimal amount of space, making them excellent options for summer travels or maximizing space in your kitchen.

As you are doing dishes and washing up after a great summer meal, you can give these a quick-dry and stack them away until your next culinary adventure. Many MacKenzie-Child bowls and sets like the colander set mentioned earlier come in multiple sizes that give you plenty of options while also making it stackable and easy to store.

5. Colorful

Enamelware comes in a variety of different colors. Previously, it was found in white splatter designs in tones of blue and grey, but now you can find enamelware in a variety of different colors and patterns. For the most colorful and exciting options, MacKenzie-Childs has a variety of elaborate designs.

They have designed a number of kitchenware items using this material because of the reasons cited here. The MacKenzie-Childs hand-decorated enamelware spoon rest comes in five different designs. The check pattern is available in either black and white, royal blue and white, or white and off-white. If you prefer a brightly colored floral design, the Flower Market pattern features a white or blue base with blue, purple, orange, green, and yellow flowers.

These brightly colored patterns are distinctly MacKenzie-Childs and can match up with their other enamelware items such as the hand-decorated enamelware covered recipe box, 10.5” cookie jar with hand-decorated enamelware cover, or the 8.5” hand-decorated enamelware utensil holder.

Many people are looking to make the most of the summer and spend as much time as possible outdoors with friends and family. To do so, you need to get yourself some quality enamelware and make the most of your dining experience – no matter where you are.

MacKenzie-Childs enamelware is genuinely superior. It is heavy-gauge and hand-glazed with a steel underbody. This makes it incredibly durable and will provides you with all the reasons listed here. When caring for enamelware, you should hand-wash with mild soap and dry immediately. This is easy to do when camping (and is your only option anyway)., an online shopping website, has an extensive collection of MacKenzie Childs enamelware. From colanders to bowls to measuring cups, they have MacKenzie-Childs hottest pieces of enamelware in a variety of distinct hand-painted designs.

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