5 Incredible Reasons to Hop on a Plane and Travel to the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is a place where Polynesian culture is still strong. It is becoming known in the South Pacific as an Eco-tourism leader. The following article discusses reasons to take advantage of Cook Islands holiday packages and see the archipelago with nature and culture in mind.

1. Eco-friendliness first

Nearly 100% of the Cook Islands economic zone is on water. It covers almost 2,000,000 km² of bodies of water which include atolls and sand quays. It is considered home by over 130 pieces of coral and hundreds of different types of fish. It is also home to numerous pieces of turtles that are threatened as well as endangered reef sharks and dolphins. This remarkable underwater paradise is protected.

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2. Lagoon paradise

The second-largest island in Cook Island is quite petite. In Aitutaki, you can drive around in its rainforest paradise in an hour. But the ultimate reason to come to Cook Island is the sea. The lagoon is a fantastic patchwork of hues of blue. The warm water is teeming with paddling green turtles and enormous fish, as well as a giant clam with purple lips that seem to jiggle as the clownfish swim by. The vision is surreal as the boat lands on a white sandbank that is out of this world. Take advantage of Cook Islands holiday packages and explore this wonderland.

3. Luxury lodgings

The Cook Islands are well known as a honeymoon destination. It is not surprising that the shores are lined with upscale lodgings. It unites style and sustainability. The best accommodations are the Little Polynesian, where the thatch roof villas are stilted over the waters off Titikaveka beach. It is widely regarded as one of the most awesome patches of sand in the South Pacific. You get to enjoy island living with floaty hammocks swinging between trees near an impossibly turquoise sea. Cocktails are served to guests near the infinite pool, and there is even an on-site spa with fantastic forest views. Here you can go Spanien turistattraktioner to visit the world best place. 

Meanwhile, in Aitutaki the Pacific resort is comparable to a luxe Polynesian village dropped in the middle of a lush rainforest. Bungalows on the beachfront come with expansive patios which allow you to admire the lagoon. It is decorated with colorful flourishes, vibrant prints, as well as local artwork, which add to its mesmerizing tropical vibe.

4. Garden-variety

Nearly three hectares of mind-boggling tropical gardens dot the cool lily ponds of Maire Nui gardens, offering a glimpse into the island’s diverse flora and fauna. It is hidden among palm and papaya trees. You can gaze at the mountains that surround it and order island-style banana ice cream with tidbits of coconut cream and a side dish of organic chicken salad. You can also order sandwiches loaded with vegetables and herbs grown in the organic kitchen garden.

5. Island flavors

One of the optimal ways to get a feel of Cook Island is through dinner. You will be enjoying an entrée, main, as well as dessert. At each stop with local homeowners, you will enjoy a dish they have prepared to showcase the local cuisine.

The menu will change depending on what is fresh as well as what is in season. The costs vary depending on who is available to entertain guests. Other popular dining haunts will include the Vaiana bistro and bar. You can order generous platters of seafood as well as ice-cold beers. The best coffee and cake on the island will be found at Barracuda.

For incredibly tasting plates, head over to Tamarind house. When it comes to scrumptious breakfast and lunch, go to Koru Café at Aitutaki. If you want a scenic palm-studded garden view, make sure to pay a visit to Café Tupuna, which is located in a beautiful private home.

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