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5 Causes of Water Dripping from AC and How to Prevent Them

Isn’t it annoying to see water dripping from your air conditioner (AC)?

It is a pain in the neck because there is a big chance your AC has trouble. And you cannot ignore it because AC is an essential household item that helps you sleep comfortably.

Worry not; one of the best aircon servicing professionals let us know the common causes and how to prevent them.

5 causes of water dripping from your AC

Water can leak out of your AC and make a mess at your place due to the following reasons.

Dirty AC filter

If you ever lift the front panel of your AC, you can see the air filter of the AC. That filter should not be left dirty. It is because a dirty filter is a sign that your AC rarely gets regular maintenance.

Without regular aircon service, your AC will run under heavy strain due to a pile-up of dirt. That dirt restricts the airflow and leads to ice forming on AC’s evaporator coil.

The water you see dripping out of your AC comes from the ice that melts after a while.

Clogged drain line

How AC works always results in water; however, you do not see water dripping because of the drain line. The drain line helps move the water outside your place or a designated drain pan.

That will be impossible if the drain line becomes clogged.

A clogged drain line has a hard time doing its job. As a result, more water is pooling up, and the overflowing water will drip out of your AC if there are too much.

Improper installation

Water that leaks out of AC is not only an issue at old AC, but also brand new ones.

You’re probably wondering: how is that possible?

The culprit is an improper installation, resulting in water that does not flow downwards. That happens because the drain lines of the AC are incorrectly placed during installation.

Broken drain pan

Just like other household items, everyday use of AC will also lead to wear and tear. The most prone part usually is the drain pain. They can become cracked or rusty after a long time.

A cracked or rusty drain pan cannot hold water as good as a brand new one. Therefore, you can expect some dripping water if you do not replace it.

Inadequate refrigerant volume

Refrigerant or gas transforms warm air in the environment into cool air for your room.

However, the refrigerant can leak due to poor maintenance or malfunction in the AC components. The inadequate refrigerant volume will cause a pressure change in the unit. The shift in pressure can make AC unable to transform the air into a cool one.

Also, inadequate refrigerant volume is the reason there is water dripping from the AC. It is because the change of pressure leads to forming ice in the unit. The ice will melt, overflowing the unit, and leak into your place.

Preventing water from dripping out of AC

The best way to prevent this issue is by giving your AC regular cleaning and maintenance:

If the issue occurs due to bad installation, then it is a sign that the company you hire for is not a good one. You should find a trustworthy AC company, then ask them to check whether the leak happens due to incorrect installation or faulty components.

All in all, you can avoid annoying AC issues just by giving your AC the maintenance it needs and maintain its cleanliness to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in the unit.

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