4 Types Of Engagement Rings That Will Win Your Heart

When it comes to expressing your love, it’s only apparent to go for the best and the sweetest gesture that expresses true love. Engagement rings are one of the purest gestures of love and commitment to one’s better half.

Engagement rings come in all sizes, shapes, and designs, from family traditions to engraved personal details. Some are classic designs passed down for ages, while some are brand new designs from top-end jewellery designers.

A ring holds an emotional and sacred value in all cultures, especially in Australia, and with new designs flooding in these days, there are many options available for you to choose from.

If you’re looking forward to proposing your special one, this article is here to help you understand the different styles of rings to choose from.

Trending Engagement Rings

One thing that never goes out of style is the evergreen style of rings. Be it classic bands, a solitaire, emerald, or a fancy gold and diamond ring. There are many designs in the market. However, some designs never go out of style and are always trending.

Here is a list of rings with beautiful designs and patterns that are sure to melt your fiancé’s heart.

Engraved Personal Details

Nothing can hold more emotional value than a personalised ring for your partner, with details engraved or carved beautifully on the band. Whether you want to engrave the initials of your names, your family name, your favourite quote, or a religious text, you can get absolutely any of this done.

This adds a personal touch to the ring, and your partner will always hold it close to their hearts. These can be customised according to your requirements, shape, size, stone preference, etc.

Simple Band-Style

Jewellery designs are forever evolving and changing, and band-style rings remain a classic design amidst all this change. One of the major reasons for the wide popularity of these rings is that both the rings can be the same, and couples who wish to wear the same design style can opt for this classic design.

You can also get these engraved with personal details of your choice.

European Cuts

Family traditions and heirlooms play a considerable role in the journey of engagement. Many people like to go down the journey carrying their family legacies, and old European-cut styled rings speak of grandeur and legacies.

They carry immense emotional values for many people. Many jewellery designers are working on creating designs for their clients that best combine their modern love stories and family legacies.

Emerald Style

The good old emeralds are back, and how! Speak of sophistication, and you’ll immediately think of emeralds and the timeless beauty they hold. This evergreen beauty adds a pop of colour to your wedding ring, and the emotional value of this is unmatched.

This type of ring comes in various cuts and styles, and you can even customise these based on your requirements.

Wedding rings hold an emotional value like no other thing. They stay with a person till the end of time, and in many families, they are passed down from one generation to the next. So, it’s essential to give your wedding ring a good thought before you invest in one.

Apart from the design and style, there are many things to consider, like the hallmark that determines the authenticity of the metal or stone used to create a ring and the price. Wedding rings are an expensive investment, so make sure to carve out a budget for them.

No matter which rings you decide to go for, it will always hold a special place in your partner’s life and will remind them of the everlasting love shared between you both.

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