4 Smart Devices That Make the Modern Home More Efficient

Are you part of the smart home revolution? Millions of American households now have at least one or two smart devices. Some have more while others are bursting at the seams with smart technology. The homes we have always dreamed about have finally arrived.

Vivint Smart Home is a nationwide provider of home automation and security devices. In a recent post discussing Maryland home automation, they focused on a number of devices their customers tend to invest in. This post will discuss four of them. They make the modern home more efficient and comfortable.

1. Smart Lights

Smart lights represent what you have always wanted lighting to be. They are perfect for enhancing both security and convenience. How do they work? By connecting to a home automation hub via a local wi-fi network. Smart lights allow you to:

  • control them remotely
  • activate them with your voice
  • program them to turn on and off.

Smart lighting’s best feature is the ability to program various lighting scenes based on your daily routine. Programmed scenes conserve energy and eliminate the need to walk around the house constantly checking whether lights are on or off.

2. Smart Door Locks

Equipping your home with smart door locks offers both security and convenience advantages. From a security standpoint, smart locks are connected to your home security system for immediate notification when a door is breached. From a convenience standpoint, it is all about how you open a door equipped with a smart lock.

Smart locks are electronic locks, so you open them with a code rather than a key. But guess what? You can also lock and unlock them remotely using a smartphone. This is ideal for letting guests into your home. You can even assign unique codes to different family members and visitors, making it possible to track who is coming and going.

3. Smart Garage Doors

A smart garage door is equipped with a sensor that continuously transmits its state to your home automation hub. How does this help? By sending you a reminder if you forget to close the garage door. Maybe you don’t get an alert but you’re still concerned you didn’t close the door when you left home. Just grab your phone and check. You can raise or lower the door from your phone as well.

4. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are a fairly popular entry point for people just getting into home automation. They are relatively inexpensive, offer a bit of novelty, and can be used to do a lot of things. Using a smart speaker as part of a home automation system offers a lot of potential.

Remember those smart lights? A smart speaker lets you turn them on and off merely by speaking. Better yet, maybe you have LED light bulbs capable of changing colors. A simple voice command does the trick. Change the color or lighting intensity with a series of simple commands.

You can also use a smart speaker to remind you to take your medication. The kids can use it to look things up online when doing their homework. And of course, you can always tell your smart speaker to play your favorite song or order a pizza for dinner.

Smart devices make any home safer, more efficient, and more comfortable. Given what smart home technology is capable of these days, it is surprising that every homeowner is not yet on board with it. But that day is coming. Eventually, every home will be equipped with the four devices mentioned in this post – and probably a few more.

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