3 Ways Your Roof is Getting Damaged

A damaged Roof is easy to overlook as people often disregard the small constant damage a roof is taking as it is not something that is readily accessible or easy to observe and therefore people often find about the roof damage when their roofs start to leak or in extreme cases when their roofs break altogether. It is the rainy season now and winter is just around the corner and both these can cause heavy damage to your house. Plus, during the summer most people have free time on their hands and your House or Business deserve some love. Many contractors and other roofing businesses are very active during this time as well so you can easily choose the contractor who can fulfill your requirements without breaking the bank.

Rain, Hail, and Snow:

According to several local contractors, the rainy season is very harmful to roofing in Austin, TX. The rest of the country is not really different. Roofs are forced to take the brunt of the damage as they are the first to intercept the rain or hail. Now you may say that what can one drop of water can do to a sturdy roof but when you take into account the surface area of the roof that is exposed to rain and hail, the force born by the roof becomes considerable. After the beating, the roof has taken it has to contend with the water that is now present on the roof. If your roof has any kind of slope, then you have less to worry about as the water will naturally fall off the side, yet this can damage the walls of the building. However, the most dangerous thing about water is the fact that it can get into small cracks and fractures in the roof and cause these to widen, and as these cracks and fractures widen more water gets in which means that the cycle repeats itself. People who have drywalls should be extra careful as significant amounts of water can lead to drywalls losing their rigidity and getting damaged which can have a significant cost to repair. Snow can accumulate on rooftops and cause the roof to sag.

Strong Winds and Trees:

Strong Winds often accompany the aforementioned rainfall. These storms are very dangerous to your roofs. The winds can cause trees to shed leaves which can block gutters and cause water to gather and damage the roof. Moreover, sufficiently strong winds can directly harm the roof as well especially shingle roofs are very susceptible to this as the tiles can get ripped off if they are old or have been weakened due to other reasons. These same strong winds can break tree branches which can hammer the roof and again damage them.

Small Animals:

Small Animals can often make their homes inside roofs and this can have a negative effect on the integrity of your roof. The holes and cracks made by small birds or other small animals can hold water when it rains, which can once again harm the roof as mentioned above.

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How to Check for Damage:

In order to get ahead of roof damage, it is best that you are vigilant and frequently check your roof for any visible signs of damage. A good way is to look for leaks that can be spotted by damp or flaky paint or dripping water. This is the danger bell and should you see any signs of leaks then act quickly as any extreme weather can aggravate the problem. The best way to deal with such a situation is to get in contact with a professional and schedule a repair. Another important sign to look out for is the sagging of the roof or any sort of unevenness.

By being vigilant any repair can be done before it becomes a hassle and allow you to be tension-free during the rainy season.

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