3 popular task schedulers

When the word “planning” always triggers the standard association – a thick leather-bound diary with a neat list of daily tasks.

However, in today’s realities, this method has lost its relevance, giving way to various services and applications that can be easily used both from the desktop and through a mobile application.

What tools do we use in the company?

We switched from Wrike to Jira because we needed a more powerful tool for task scheduling and project management. The system meets our basic requirements:

  • a large number of extensions;
  • ability to integrate with other services;
  • obtaining analytics on projects;
  • linkage with the documentation system.

This last point was particularly important because we have long felt the need to create our own knowledge base in which to do so:

  • keep project materials;
  • keep work records, risk descriptions and discussions;
  • keep lists of tasks (with the ability to track their history), business processes;
  • employee hours tracker

The frontend team was the first to test the novelty and gave the go-ahead for the transition. Linking with Confluence made it possible to create an internal portal to which all team members had access. Thanks to extensive formatting options, pages can be made not only informationally useful, but also easily readable and navigable.

Developers now have the ability to see the assigned tasks and understand the scope of work needed, which saves a lot of time. Project managers keep track of team activities, and most importantly, not a single task is lost in the stash of email, telegram, or google docs.

However, I will say that not all of our departments are connected with Jira. For example, the implementation department, the PR sector and the accounting department, because the choice of service depends on the tasks that the structure faces.


A simple but visually pleasing kanban system where you can create and move tasks as cards. Essentially, we form a specific board for a project/department with the ability to track and discuss tasks.

Any card in Trello can be an entire project with its own goals, checklists, working documents (the same google. disk links, images), or it can be a simple one-minute task.

The competitive advantage of the service is affordability. Our PR sector uses a free version with limited functionality.

All documents which size is limited up to 10 megabytes in the free version are uploaded with links on Google disk. But I should note that there is no possibility here to link several tasks and use typical templates, which would save time.

Ekaterina, Marketing and PR Manager

You can work both in a group and individually. Each manager has his own trello-board and has rights in the group one, where he can track the tasks of his colleagues and set common deadlines.

However, our experts note that the mobile version of the application is not as convenient as the desktop one.

Bundle of Google services

Synchronizing your calendar, mail, and drive is a timeless classic.

  • Convenient operation;
  • friendly notification settings;
  • sharing.

In the company we have daily meetings, briefings, planning meetings, phone calls, and the corporate calendar is convenient to keep track of such events.

The notification will tell you about the composition of the meeting, the place, and give you the agenda. Documents can be attached by links on a disk and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to send something to someone. This is not a bad help in terms of space allocation – it is immediately visible when and until how many times a particular meeting room is occupied. In addition to general corporate events, it is possible to form a personal calendar.

Remember the main thing – any planning method you choose should, first of all, solve the user’s problems. Whatever software you choose, whether it is a simple “to do” planner, a note on your phone, a social media message sent to yourself or an advanced application with cloud synchronization – it should help you achieve your goals.

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