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Amazing Loft conversion ideas to design your own loft

For those of you looking to have an extra living space in your house then the answer to this problem is having a loft conversion. A well-designed attic space will offer not only an extra liveable space but it will offer you space to add an extra TV lounge, a guest bedroom, a bathroom or even an open-planned kitchen. It is really a clever alternative for an extension that adds to the value of the property. With this being said, we have gathered a few of the best loft conversion london ideas for you. However, before starting working on the interior design of the house, you need to consider vital needs like the configuration of the room and such. Without further ado, let’s get on with list of best loft conversion ideas that can truly help transform your property.

Creating a guest-bedroom with a loft conversion

If you are looking through loft conversion ideas then we offer a small suggestion. You can look for a little children’s bedroom, a kids’ TV room, crash room for your teen kids, or maybe a home office. But first, you need to work out the detail if your small loft is big enough to handle this conversion. We love this simple loft conversion idea for a small room with a light color scheme idea. This will help to brighten up the room and make it appear it has more space than it actually has.

Choose loft conversion design ideas that embrace its proportions

If you are going with a loft conversion with a small size in mind or going for few small rooms rather one large room, be sure to take advantage of the naturally cozy feeling offered by little spaces.

When opting for a light colored scheme, nothing beats white paint. it has the quality to make loft rooms feel lighter and larger. Still, the color needs to be balanced out to prevent any feeling of making a room clinical.

Try pairing light colors with the warm wood and adding soft furnishing in deep color shades. This will make your room appear welcoming and cozy. This will be great if you are having a loft conversion for sake of adding a guest room or a spare bedroom

Let the bed be in the centre

If your loft has a large bedroom then one can get creative with the layout of the room. Keep the bed in the center and it will offer a more resounding visual impact. If you are not opting for this, try breaking up the space and zoning it. Instead of pushing everything against the walls, go for a stud wall which allows for creating a wardrobe or an en-suite. A tall headboard can also be used as a room divider for having more storage space behind it.

Allow maximum sunlight to come inside the loft conversion

A general rule for a loft conversion is that glazing area should make up for around 20 percent of your roofing area for letting maximum sunlight in. must visit loft conversion slough

Position of the loft’s windows is usually dictated by the roof’s shape. A shallow long room tends to get most benefit from evenly spaced windows along the length. As for a deep narrow room, only one large window will suffice.

Keep the loft room plan open

In case of going with a large loft conversion with a kitchen, you need to stick with an open plan kitchen. This will help maximize the use of space. This design is ideal for big conversion with its modern design and the open plan limits the problem of having coffined feeling.

Add in a stylish bathroom in the loft conversion

Awkward bulky beams and dimensions should not limit you from having a bathroom in your loft. Although showers do not need large headspace, one can still add a freestanding shower under the low ceiling.

Design a home office in the loft conversion

If your family doesn’t need an extra bedroom but you are working from home, adding a home office is a great idea for a loft conversion. A home office requires lots of natural light so refrain from using heavy materials and black blinds. Visit net worth

Design the loft conversion for kids

Lofts make up for having great kid’s bedrooms, crashing place for teens, or playrooms for kids. However, one thing to keep in mind is to keep these kids’ room cozy so the kids use them quite often.

We advise for keeping the scheme of the room simple by adding soft furnishing and other such accessories.

Creating a loft conversion home library

If you are a bookworm who loves to read then you can opt to have a dedicated space for your book collection or simply for storing your vinyl records. Even a small space can be made use of. You only need to have a  10 square meters of space to create a small home library but the space should have an existing roofing space. you can replace the diagonal roof timbers with the plywood arches. This will allow slotting bookshelves within them and adding a little bench near the stairwell and a space for studying near the end.

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